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Development and Application of Pressure Remover for Oil-robbing Clamp in Oil Pipeline
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Key Words:Oil pipeline; Oil-robbing clamp; Pressure removal; Clamp remover
Abstract:In order to reduce crude oil production losses, shorten removal time for oil-robbing clamps in oil pipelines and weaken personal labor intensity, it is necessary to find out problems existing in the process of oil-robbing clamp removal and identify reasons for extending oil-robbing clamp removal time. Before clamp removal, it is needed to shut up oil wells and export pumps and oil pipelines are needed to be vented and decompressed, which will consume very long time because pipelines are arranged in a crisscross pattern and thousands of meters long. Furthermore, work load and personal labor intensity are very heavy and also oil production will seriously be affected accordingly. Developed are tools specially used for oil-robbing clamp removal in oil pipelines under pressure in order to resolve such problems which will seriously affect crude oil production. Screw conveyor principle is adopted for manufacturing these special-purpose tools, making rotational motion become straight line motion to transfer energy or force. Field application results show that oil-robbing clamps can be removed from oil pipelines under pressure by using these special-purpose tools and very long time will not be consumed. In addition, such tools have such outstanding feature:it is not needed to shut up oil wells and export pumps during oil-robbing clamp removal from oil pipelines under pressure, crude oil production losses are reduced enormously and personal labor intensity is weaken greatly.
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