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Countermeasure and Prospect of CBM Development in China
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Key Words:Coalbed methane; Foreign resource analysis; Reservoir characteristic; Development countermeasure; Prospect
Abstract:Coalbed methane (CBM) is a new alternative energy, many countries in the world have already been engaged in CBM exploration and development and this industry has rapidly developed especially in America, Canada and Australia. China has very abundant CBM resource, development and effective utilization of CBM can improve our energy structures to a certain extent and mitigate energy supply shortage. However, complex CBM reservoir characteristics in China, difficult exploration and development and immature drilling and well completion technologies may damage CBM reservoir and affect its output greatly. In order to overcome the above issues, put forward are some drilling technologies and completion methods suitable for most of CBM reservoirs in China and emphatically introduced and analyzed are these technologies and methods. Analysis results show that reasonable usage of underbalanced drilling technologies and well completion technologies (open hole completion, power cave completion and casing perforating fracturing completion) will be conducive to reduce damage on the reservoir groundmass and cleat and thus enhance CBM output. Also forecast are CBM exploration and development prospect in China.
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