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Optimization and Application of Heavy Oil Desulfurization Process in Tahe Oilfield
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Key Words:Tahe Oilfield; Static mixer; Crude oil desulfurization; Effect
Abstract:Tahe Oilfield is of Ordovician oil and gas reservoir, crude oil produced in Tahe Oilfield has such physical property as high viscosity, high density and rich hydrogen sulfide. After entering oil production system, it seriously corrodes oil treatment units, oil storage tanks, pipelines and other vital parts, which will frequently result in system instability. Also, it often emits hydrogen sulfide with high concentration in production and treatment process, which brings serious effect and harm to environment and human. In order to mitigate such effect and harm, it is very important to reduce hydrogen sulfide concentration in crude oil. For this reason, proposed is such solution as installation of static mixer in upstream crude oil gathering station for desulfurization process optimization. Since the solution is put into operation, such key control indexes as hydrogen sulfide concentration in crude oil and unit cost of desulphurization chemicals have been reduced significantly and good economic and social benefits have been achieved, which shows that the solution has high promotional value and application prospect.
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