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Research on Asset Integrity Management Technology of Deepwater Floating Production Unit
Author of the article:Guo Wengan, Lv Jin, Yi Difei, Cai Peng
Author's Workplace:Deepwater floating production unit; Asset integrity management; Lingshui 17-2; Full life cycle
Key Words:

In order to achieve the unity of asset safely and economy, the focus of deepwater floating production unit is to eliminate potential risks and improve the ability of assets to perform core functions efficiently. UK safety case and risk based inspection are adopted for the deepwater floating production unit planned to be used in Lingshui 17-2 of South China Sea as the research object. This paper puts forward a practical and effective asset integrity management technology method for the full life cycle of deep-water floating production unit, which fits the actual situation of China,  and provides technical guidance for the design, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning and operation and maintenance of Lingshui Deepwater Floating Production unit. While meeting the requirements of classification society, industrial standards and government regulations, the compilation of industry safety incidents and good operation practices database can significantly lower its operating costs, reduce the probability of loss of control of accident consequences, the loss of production facilities and maintenance time, increase the available up time of production operation. The asset integrity management for Deepwater Floating Production Unit can improve management level of the assets integrity over full life cycle of the asset.

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