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Analysis on World Energy Supply & Demand in 2019 — Based on BP Statistical Review of World Energy(2020)
Author of the article:Li Hongyan, Zhao Shuo, Lin Aodan, Liu Fei, Li Lei, Dai Xiaodong
Author's Workplace:Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Shengli Institute of China University of Petroleum, Dongying, Shandong, 257061, China
Key Words:BP; Year 2019; World energy; Supply and demand

To compile the supply and demand situation of global energy, the BP World Energy Prospect(2020) issued in June 2020 is analyzed and summarized in this paper. The analysis results show that in 2019, the average annual growth rate of global energy consumption slowed to 1.3%. The proven oil reserves and production both decreased slightly, consumption was lower than the historical average, and consumption growth was mainly driven by China. The proven reserves and production of natural gas continue to be the highest in the Middle East and the CIS, and consumption growth has slowed down, but its share in total world energy (at 24.2%) is still at a record high. The growth of natural gas demand is led by the United States of America. Asia Pacific tops in proven coal reserves and production as global coal demand falls at a record rate, with proportion of total energy consumption declining to 27%. Renewable energy is growing at an all-time high, accounting for 41% of the total increase in energy consumption and, for the first time, surpassing nuclear energy in the share of power generation. China has the highest renewable energy growth rate; carbon emissions growth rate has slowed (0.5%) but the figure is still high. This analysis results could provide reference for predicting global energy growth trends.

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