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Discussion on the Design of Green Buildings in Oil & Gas Plant (Station)
Author of the article:Chen Yuhui, Zheng Yuan, Su Baoyue, Guo Li
Author's Workplace:China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corp. Southwest Company, Chengdu, Sichuan, 610041, China
Key Words:Oil and gas plant (station); Green building design; Sustainable development

Under the nation-wide initiative for energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, the design for green building is required for more and more engineering projects. CPECC Southwest Company has been growing rapidly in recent years, undertaking increasing number of oil and gas surface facilities engineering projects. In order to avoid non-compliance with relevant national and local regulations or to avoid major design changes in late project phases, green building design should be considered for civil buildings used for oil and gas production activities and auxiliary production purposes. These buildings include control centers, office buildings and apartment complexes. At the same time, due to the promotion of energy efficiency and sustainable development, the design for green building is also advocated for the production and auxiliary buildings of oil and gas projects in the system. Two recent projects have completed green building special design reports for the preliminary design phase and execute phase. These special design reports have met the requirements for green construction by local planning department. This analysis on the green building design for oil and gas plants is significant in guiding relevant projects in getting approval of green building design from local authorities.

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