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Research on Pig Positioning Based on Optical Fiber Vibration Sensing Technology
Author of the article:Li Qianglin, Zhang Baocun, Yuan Hongjun
Author's Workplace:Shandong Natural Gas Pipeline Co. , Ltd. , Jinan, Shandong, 250000, China
Key Words:Distributed optical fiber vibration; Pig; Electromagnetic pulse method

To address the issue of deviation in tracking and positioning of the pig during pigging of natural gas pipeline, an analysis was done on the obvious frictional vibration between the pig and the pipe wall, especially at the pipe joints, welds and inflection points. Such vibration will be detected by the optical fiber in the same pipe trench. When vibration is detected at a certain location of the optical fiber, the refractive index changes, resulting in a phase change at that location. The location of that external vibration can be detected by calculating the difference between the two Backward Rayleigh Scattering Curves from that two moments. Based on the principle of phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflection, a method of real-time tracking and positioning using distributed optical fiber vibration sensing is proposed. The pigging operation at Qihe-Changqing-Taian section of Xuanning line using this technology shows that the pig positioning performance is good, and hence verifies the effectiveness of the method. This method enables the real-time tracking and positioning of the pig, thereby reduce the risk of pipeline shut-down due to blockage by or loss of the pig. This is a good reference for executing successful pigging operations.

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