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Study and Application of Inter-Well Pressure Prediction and Shut-down Regulation System in CFD Oilfield
Author of the article:Wang Kunjian, Liu Pengfei, Li Jin, Wang Wei, Gong Ning
Author's Workplace:State Key Laboratory of Offshore Oil Exploitation, Tianjin, 300459, China
Key Words: Inter-well pressure; Shut-down regulation; Pressure prediction; Injection-production relationship; CFD oilfield

In order to ensure the safety of drilling and completion operation of infill adjustment wells in CFD oilfield, and reduce the drilling complications and accidents such as overflow and leakage, according to the geological and development characteristics of CFD oilfield, the variation law of inter well pressure under different shut-down regulation systems is studied and analyzed by means of laboratory experiment and numerical simulation. Based on the variation law and prediction model of pressure between adjustment wells, a new method for determining injection -production relationship based on Kalman filter algorithm is established, and a method for determining the shut-down regulation system of injection production wells around the adjustment wells in reservoirs with strong edge and bottom water and reservoirs with weak edge and bottom water is established. On-site application of the two wells show that on the premise of ensuring the safety of drilling and completion operation of infill adjustment wells, the new shut-down adjustment system for peripheral injection production wells reduces the shut-down amount by 62% and 54.5% respectively compared with the traditional general shut-down method, and the application effect is good. This study can effectively predict the inter-well pressure of infill adjustment wells, which is of great significance to avoid drilling overflow and leakage of adjustment wells and ensure the safety of drilling and completion of adjustment wells.

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