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Discussion on the Configuration and Selection of Emergency Shut-Off Valve for Large Liquefied Hydrocarbon Spherical Tank
Author of the article:Du Juan, Liu Yan, Han Qingfei, Li Yufeng
Author's Workplace:China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corp. Southwest Company, Chengdu, Sichuan, 610041, China
Key Words:Fully pressurized liquefied hydrocarbon spherical tank; Emergency shut-off valve; Liquefied hydrocarbon; Layout scheme

In order to provide guidance on the installation and selection of emergency shut-off valve for fully pressurized liquefied hydrocarbon spherical tanks, the design for the emergency shut-off valve on the inlet and outlet pipelines of six 3000 m3 fully pressurized liquefied hydrocarbon spherical tanks for a large domestic project is studied. Comparison and analysis have been performed focusing on the basis and method for process system configuration, selection of valve body and actuator of the emergency shut-off valve. From the study, it is concluded that: 1) it is recommended to install double valves on the liquid inlet and outlet pipelines of the large liquefied hydrocarbon spherical tank, namely emergency shut-off valves and remote operation valves; 2) The emergency shut-off valve is arranged close to the spherical tank. The valve installation position shall be as close as possible to the first flange sealing surface of the spherical tank to connect the SIS safety system, interlocking with the high-high, low-low liquid level control of the spherical tank; 3) The remote operation valve is installed outside the dike and shall be easy to operate and maintain and be easily accessible. The remote operation valve shall connect with DCS process control system; 4) Pneumatic actuators are preferred for emergency shut-off valves and remote operation valves when instruction air is available. The research results can provide reference for the selection and configuration of the emergency shut-off valve for the inlet and outlet pipes of the fully pressurized liquefied hydrocarbon spherical tanks.

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