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ADNOC Onshore Pipelines Design Engineering Practices as References for Overseas Oil and Gas Field Design
Author of the article:Cheng Haoli, Xue Jianxin, Zhang Jiming, Xia Maojin, He Xu, Hao Tianyu, Zhang Lianlai, Cai Fengfeng
Author's Workplace:Beijing DesignBranch, China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corp. , Beijing, 100085, China
Key Words:Onshore pipeline; Oil and gas field; Overseas; Pipe corridor; Preservation

Energy cooperation is a key milestone of the cooperation between China and the UAE and an important part of the Belt and Roadinitiative. In the past decade, CNPC has undertaken several oil and gas engineering projects in the UAE markets and has acquired four oilfield rights. Based on ADNOC Onshores BAB oilfield design experience and previous CPECC project development and design engineering practices in other oil fields in the UAE, this paper summarizes ADNOC Onshores main requirements for the design and construction of onshore pipelines in terms of route selection, pipeline mechanics calculations, pipeline installation and construction, pipeline crossing, pipeline preservation and baseline inspection. It is hoped that this paper will serve as a reference for the design and construction of other oil fields of the same nature in the UAE and Middle East in the future.

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