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Establishment and Application of Standardization System for CN Shale Gas Field Surface Facilities Development
Author of the article:Zan Linfeng, Li Gang, Wu Shuyan, Yang Jing, Leng Jihui, Liao Kexi
Author's Workplace:China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corp. Southwest Company, Chengdu, Sichuan, 610041, China
Key Words:Shale gas; Surface facilities engineering development; Standardization system; Series of standard equipment sizes; Digitalized management

Shale gas is a natural gas that is found trapped between sedimentary rocks in shale formation in an absorbed and free state, with unconventional characteristics such as long extraction life, fast pressure and capacity decay rate, and long production cycle. With the application of large scale extraction and rolling development models in Chinas shale gas fields, many issues have gradually emerged; such as high uncertainty in gathering and transportation capacities, poor adaptability of pipeline network and station layout, long development cycle, and difficulty in getting matching industrial equipment system; and high investment. To solve these issues, a set of Five Standardized Engineering Systemshas been established with standardized process flow scheme, modularized process function groups, highly-efficient skid-mounted equipment, series of standardized equipment sizes, digitalized managementas the core. Through the practical application of the CN shale gas field surface facilities Standardized Engineering System, we have overcome the challenges in surface facilities development, shortened the duration for surface development cycle and lowered the capital costs. This paper provides a valuable reference for the standardized engineering system of shale gas field surface facilities development in China.

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