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Progress on Researchin the Fatigue Life of the Coiled Tubing in Sour Service
Author of the article:Xian Ning12 Zhang Ping3 Rong Ming2 Zou Xianxiong3 Xian Linyun
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Key Words:Coiled tubing; Failure; Corrosion; Fatigue; H2S

During coiled tubing(CT) well servicing operations performed in a well bore, the tubing string is subected to low bend cycle fatigue for rising and descending, and the bending process is a plastic deformation,which is quite different from the elastic deformation of the static tubing string and pipeline.

When CT is applied in sour service, it is subjected to higher risks of failure for interacting H2S damage and plastic deformation. The corrosion fatigue mechanisms and the failure cases of CT used in the sour well were reviewed in this paper,and corrosion fatigue test methods of CT and their advantages and disadvantages were introduced,and research progress by those methods were reviewed too.The test results show that the fatigue life of CT exposed to sour environment was decreased observably because the plastic properties of the tubing string was degraded for permeating hydrogen atom due to damages caused by H2S.To reduce the failure of CT and to increase the safety of CT well servicing operation, some notes and precautionary measures were proppsed when CT was applied in sour service.
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