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A New Method for Evaluating Oil Production Decline Rate in Water Drive Reservoirs
Author of the article:Zhang Hongyou
Author's Workplace:Bohai Oil field Research Institute of CN00C Ltd.
Key Words:Decline rate evaluation method; Comprehensive water cut; Oil recovery rate; Water cut riserate; Liquid production rate; Unit Oil production rate decline rate

In Order to Objectively and accurately evaluate the rationality of decline rate in water drive reservoirs, and to scientifically formulate measures for adjusting, tapping and slowing down the decline of oilfields in the future, based on the definition of declinerate, the relationship between the decline rate of oil production and the four influencing factors of comprehensive water cut,oil recovery rate,water cut rise rate and liquid production rate was deduced and established,and the quantitative analysis of the influencing factors of decline rate was realized. Taking Bohai oilfield as an example,this paper introduces a new evaluation index named"unit oil production rate decline rate".The distribution law of different reservoir types and different water-cut stages was statistically analyzed,based on which the evaluation criteria are formulated. And a new method for evaluating oil production decline rate of water drive reservoirs was fomed. The application results of a large number of examples in Bohai oil fields how that the new method eliminates the objective influence of"oil recovery rate","comprehensive water cut","reservoir type"on the decline rate index,so the evaluation result is more accurate and reliable,which has a strong popularization and application value. Using the methods and the ideas in this paper,the respective evaluation criteria of any other oilfie1ds could be formulated.

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