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CBM Economic Well Density Optimization Model and ApplicationLiu Jianye1, Liu Ruolei1, Luo Dongkun1, Zhai Yuyang2
Author of the article:Liu Jianye1, Liu Ruolei1, Luo Dongkun1, Zhai Yuyang2
Author's Workplace:1. School of Economics and Management, China University of Petroleum; 2. China United Coalbed Methane State Engineering Research Center Co., Ltd.
Key Words:Coalbed methane; Well pattern density; Net present value

Economic factors have a great impact on the benefits of coalbed methane development.Previous research on well pattern density optimization focused on resources and technology.It did not consider the development benefits of life cycle items.Therefore, it is necessary to establish a well pattern economic-optimization model.By analyzing the cash inflows and outflows affected by the density of the well network, the effect of well pattern density on recovery has been quantified and the investments of exploration, drilling, fracturing and ground construction, the costs of operating,interest and taxes,the imcomes of sales, subsidies and tax returns have been calculated.Finally, the well pattern optimization model was established, and the model was applied through an example of interpolation and search algorithms,whichhas important reference value and guiding significance for the coalbed methane well network deployment.

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