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Study on Sino-Russian Natural Gas Cooperation Issues
Author of the article:Alina Steblyanskaya1,Wang Zhen 2,Yan Jun 1,Svetlana Razmanova 3,Zinaida Bragina 4
Author's Workplace:1 School of Business Administration, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), ;2 Academy of the Chinese Energy Startegy, China University of Petroleum (Beijing); 3 Gazprom VNIIGAZ Branch;4 Kostroma State University
Key Words:Sino-Russian cooperation; Energy cooperation; Natural gas export and import

China is a huge natural gas consumer meanwhile domestic natural gas production can't meet the needs of consumption.At the same time, Russia is the big natural gas producer.Based on historical data and gas companies’ energy reports, this paper reasonably judges the Russian natural gas export trend to China.According China and Russia economic development trends, we explain the necessity and feasibility of Sino-Russian natural gas cooperation, put forward the goal of Sino-Russian energy cooperation, and provide some solutions for realizing cross-regional cooperation between the two countries.Russia’ natural gas reserves, production and consumption forecasts was regarded with the accent on comprehensive development of the Russian far east.Nevertheless, Chinese government is steadily advancing the domestic energy supply reform and actively developing energy supply system diversification.It is concluded that “win-win” cooperation is still the general trend of energy development for both countries although China and Russia are facing risks and uncertainties in the natural gas sector.

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