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Optimized Design and Supporting Technology for Well Lifting in Intensive Construction Well Platform
Author of the article:Sun Chao
Author's Workplace:PetroChina Jilin Oilfield Company Oil and Gas Engineering Research Institute
Key Words:Platform; Large-angle oil well; Lifting process; Wear; Lifting equipment

In recent years, in order to cope with the low oil price, high investment in capacity building and the difficulty in the utilization of low-grade resources in the new district, Jilin Oilfield has carried out intensive platform production and field trials in conventional low-permeability reservoirs represented by Block III in Xinli District.During the implementation process, the number of large-angle wells on the large wells platform increases, and the well trajectory is complicated, which will lead to the wearing of the downhole rods and becomes the main problem that restricts the long-term efficient production of platform wells.Aiming at the characteristics of wellbore trajectory of high-angle oil wells, through the analysis of wear causes and influencing factors, the design concept of anti-wear lifting is determined, and the technical countermeasures such as reducing friction coefficient, establishing effective interval, reducing contact pressure and reducing contact frequency are determined.The implementation has greatly extended the pump inspection cycle of the platform well and achieved long-term lift under complex well conditions.At the same time, based on the characteristics of the ground well location of the platform construction mode, the innovative multi-well unconventional lifting method was adopted,and the double-head pumping unit and hydraulic pumping unit were tested on site,which greatly reduces the investment in oil production equipment and energy consumption,and provides technical support for low-grade resource efficiency development and investment reduction.

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