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Identification for the Energy Use Weak Link in Oil Transfer Station System Based on Exergy Analysis
Author of the article:Wu Hao1,Yu Chunguang2, Ma Guoyu3,Lü Lili1,Xie Hongjun1,Cheng Qinglin2
Author's Workplace:1. China Petroleum Planning and Engineering Institute; 2. NEPU Key Laboratory for Enhancing Oil Recovery of the Ministry of Education, Daqing, Heilongjiang; 3. Beijing Oil & Gas Transportation Center
Key Words:Oil transfer station system;Exergy analysis;Energy use weak link;Heating furnace;Energy saving and consumption reduction

According to the theory of exergy analysis, the energy use weak link of oil & gas gathering system in Daqing was analyzed and revealed.Through the logistics and exergy distribution analysis of oil transfer station system, the system was divided into two subsystems: the pipe network and the oil transfer station.And the annual average exergy efficiency of oil transfer station was 19.41%, and that of the pipe network was 72.98%.According to the calculation results, further analysis was made on the distribution of loss in each energy consumption unit of oil transfer station.The loss of oil pump and water pump was less.The heating furnace whose coefficient of exergy loss was 84.3% was the main energy loss unit,and the loss of heat transfer process, cooling process and combustion reaction process was larger.It is necessary to improve the heating furnace efficiency or replace it so as to realize energy saving and consumption reduction of oil gathering system.

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