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Achievements Summary and Prospect of Oil & Gasfield Surface Engineering in Recent Years
Author of the article:Tang Lin1, Yun Qing2, Zhang WeiZhi1
Author's Workplace:1 PetroChina Exploration and Production Company 2 PetroChina Planning and Engineering Institute
Key Words: Oil and gas field surface engineering; Key surface technologies; Standardization design; Quality improvement and efficiency enhancement; Integrity management; Standardization management
Abstract:The oil&gas surface engineering is an important link in the development of oil and gas fields.In recent years, PetroChina oil and gas field surface engineering has carried out standardization design in an all-round way, innovated and continuously improved the key surface technologies of different types of oil and gas fields, ensured the effective development of complex oil and gas fields and unconventional oil and gas resources, and comprehensively improved the surface technology and management level.This paper gives acomprehensive summary of the achievements made in surface engineering of PetroChina oil and gas fields in recent years.During the 13th Five-Year Plan and in the coming years, the oil and gas field surface engineering is still facing problems such as cost control, high pressure of safety and environmental protection, cost reduction and efficiency increase, etc.Therefore, efforts should be made in the standardization design, production optimization, product appreciation, pipeline and station integrity management, standardization management, etc., to further enhance the capacity of quality improvement and efficiency enhancement, and to promote the sustainable and steady development of oil and gas field.
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