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Discussion on the Transportation Technique and Simulation Method of Liquid Sulphur Pipeline
Author of the article:Chen Junwen1,Huang Yongbo2,Bian Wenjuan1,Gao Fei2,Huang Jing1,Tu Duoyun1
Author's Workplace:1.China Petroleum Engineering&Construction Corp.Southwest Company, Chengdu, Sichuan, 610041, China; 2.ChinaPetroleum Engineering&Construction Corp.Gulf Branch, AbuDhabi, 127345, UAE
Key Words:Liquid sulphur; Process analysis; Soft ware simulation; Water hammer
With the constant development of oil and gasfields,sulfur-containing natural gas processing technology is increasingly mature,which greatly promotes the development of sulfur-containing gas fields. In view of the increasing demand for sulfur from various industries in each country and the increasing

control over air pollution,sulfur product recovery technology has been greatly developed.Compared with solid sulfu rtrading,liquid sulfur transportation can save investment and running costs of upstream sulfur curing and downstream sulfur remelting,and has the advantages of high transportation efficiency and less dust pollution.There fore,it can be preferentially applied when it is technically feasible.So,it is necessary to explore in depth the process points and simulation methods for long-distance liquid sulfur pipeline.Based on the viscosity-temperature characteristics of liquid sulfur and liquid sulfur transportation technology ,the process calculatipon and analysis of liquid sulfur pipeline are discussed.The steady-state and transient transmissi0n process of a liquid sulfur pipeline is simulated by commercial software to further reveal the operating rules of liquid sulfur pipeline.The results show that theTLNET software can simulate the process of liquid sulfur transportation through product property fitting.Because of the extremely high delivery temperature of the liquid sulfur pipeline,the temperature drop curve of the line is almost linearly decreasing;the higher density of the liquid sulfur medium will cause higher water hammer pressure and the design pressure shall be selected in the pressure margin discussion.The research results of this paper can provide references for the process analysis of liquid sulfur pipeline.

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