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Study on the Governance of Sulfur Deposition of Some Oil fields at Bohai Sea
Author of the article:Song Xiaoli1,You Qiuyan2,Niu Xinhui1,Zhou Lishan1,Teng Dayong1,Zhao Xinxing1
Author's Workplace:1.CNOOC Tianjin Chemical Research and Design Institute C0.Ltd., Tianjin, 300131, China; 2.Petroleum Engineering Research Institute of Petro China Dagang Oil field Company, Tianjin, 300131, China
Key Words:Su1furdep0siti0n; C0mp0und; Su1furs01vent; Su1furme1ting rate; Su1furme1ting perf0rmanCe
Abstract:Aiming at the serious sulfur deposition of some oil field at Bohai sea,a new type of complex sulfur solvent has been compounded with dimethyl disulfide(DMDS) ,sodium hydroxide,dimethyl for mamide(DMF)and water.The influences of component ratio,sulfur solvent dosage,dissolving temperature and dissolving time on melting sulfur rate are investigated.The optimum conditions are as follow,the mass ratio of DMDS,Na0H,DMFand water is 1 :2 :4 :3.The sulfur solvent dosage is 20 times of the sulfur deposition,and dissolving temperature is 45℃ cand dissolving time is 50 minutes.Under the optimum conditions, the melting sulfur rate reaches 100%.The complex sulfur solvent shows the excellent sulfur melting performance under the simulated fie1d conditions.
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