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Performance Analysis and Engineering Practice of Domestic High Strength Steel Plate for Large Crude Oil Storage Tank
Author of the article:Xie Bing1,Peng Dian1,Luo Linlin1,He Yuhong2
Author's Workplace:1.China Petroleum Engineering&Construction Corp.Southwest Company, Chengdu, Sichuan, 610041, China; 2.Branch No.2 of Sinohydro Bureau7 Co., Ltd, Chengdu, Sichuan, 610017, China
Key Words:Crude oil storage tank; High strength steel plate; Performance index; Engineering practice
Atpresent,the domestic high strength steel plate has been widely used for the construction of large crude oil storage tanks of 100 thousand cubic meters and above.It has broken the dependence on importation of this type of steel plate for a long time.By summarizing the development process o fhigh strength steel plate made in China,the technical performance of domestic high strength steel plate used for large storage tank are introduced,in cluding its production technical route,chemical composition analysis,mechanical properties,welding crack sensitivity,sensitivity index of reheat crack,large line energy welding characteristics,etc.Combined with engineeringpractice,the performance requirements of large storage tanks for high strength steel plates are put forward.According to the demand of technological progressin engineering construction,the engineering application experience of high strength steel plate made in China is summarized and existing issues and improvement direction are proposed as well,which is of considerable practical significance.
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