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Drag Reduction Effect Prediction Mode1-Test Data Similarity Correction
Author of the article:Wang Xiaodan1,Wang Shouxi2
Author's Workplace:1.Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Shanxi Sales C., Ltd, Taiyuan, Shanxi, 030006, China;2.College of Petroleum Engineering.Xi'an Shiyou University, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710065, China
Key Words: Drag reduction prediction; Similarity correction; Test data regression validation; General model

In Order to evaluate the running state of oil pipeline additives,a drag reduction effect prediction model was established.In  0rder to solve the problems that the existing model cannot realize the analogy prediction of drag reduction effect under different working conditions,the undetermined coefficients of the model need to be solved in advancein the application,and the obtained parameters do not have the applicability of lateral expansion,based on the relevant model,the similarity correction is carried out by analyzing and processing the field additive test data,and the correction coefficients of pipe diameter and oil viscosity are introduced to simplify the prediction complexity of drag reduction effectand expand the application range of the prediction model.After considering the problem of shear dilution of drag reducer,the degradation rate coefficient is quantitatively calculated according to the actual adding  condition of pipeline to improve the prediction accuracy of the model. Based on the fie1d test data,regression verification is carried out to obtain the value of the undetermined coefficients of the model.Finally,a eneral model for predicting the drag reduction effect of crude oil and product oil pipelines is obtained,and error analysis is carried out in combination with field test data to check the accuracy of the prediction model.The results show that the drag reduction effect prediction model obtained by the similarity correction of test data has better prediction precision compared with empirical equation,and can beused to guide the application of drag reduction agentsin the field,improve the problem that the model parameters cannot be applied laterally,and realize the function of drag reduction effect analogy prediction.

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