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Research on pressure drop of gas-water two phase flow in horizontal wells
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Key Words:Horizontal Wells; Variable Mass Flow; Pressure Drop; Calculation Model; Numerical Simulation
Abstract:In the gas field development, the complex two phase seepage rule and special flow state of horizontal well makes the wellbore flow complex when inflow through perforation occurs. The flow rule of two phase flow in the horizontal pipeline is no longer applicable, its outstanding performance on the change of pressure drop. It built horizontal gas-water well pressure drop calculation model on the base of predecessors’research. In addition, it also built liquid drop carriage model in horizontal gas well. It simulated the two phase mixture flow in the horizontal well by fluent software. The research result shows that friction pressure drop and perforation roughness pressure drop and mixing pressure drop grows as a result of increasing main flow velocity. The increase of diameter can decrease the friction pressure drop and acceleration pressure drop. And fluid viscosity only affect perforation roughness pressure drop, the increase in viscosity caused the increase of roughness pressure drop. The simulation results show that the traffic and velocity increases from inlet to the outlet, and perforations inflow will produce pressure drop, which comply with the principles of wellbore flow pressure drop.
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