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The overall profile control of oily sludge in Jilin Oilfield
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Abstract:Each year as a result of workover, oilfield crude oil storage causes a large amount of oily sludge, the main component of the oily sludge were analyzed, proposed for the profile control of water injection well, make full use of solid content of sludge composition in place of particle profile control system, realize the oily sludge reduction processing purposes. Through the indoor experiment screening of low cost polymer and crosslinking system, the profile system strength is more than 15000mPa.s, the plugging efficiency of 94%, compared with conventional profile control system rose 3.5%. Through the simulating three different modes, plugging experiment, injection mode selection from the best design method, form the whole block profile control scheme, to optimize the design of the parameters in Xinli oilfield, field test of 5 wells, the cumulative treatment of oily sludge 2200t, economic and 1054000 yuan, the ratio of input to output 1:1.5, significant economic benefits.Keywords: oily sludge , profile control technology ,block whole profile control , environmental benefits
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