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Derivation and Application of Trinomial Deliverability Equation for Low-permeability Horizontal Gas Well
Author of the article:Wang Yongsheng, Mei Haiyan, Zhang Maolin, Yang Qianlong, Long Fang
Author's Workplace:Southwest Petroleum University, Petroleum and Gas Engineering College, Chengdu, Sichuan 610500, China
Key Words:horizontal gas well; stress sensibility; threshold pressure gradient; high velocity non-Darcy effect; trinomial equation
Abstract:It’s difficult for conventional binomial deliverability equation to authentically characterize liquid-like flow of low-permeable gas reservoir which takes into account of stress sensibility and threshold pressure gradient. This paper establishes horizontal gas well trinomial deliverability equation, considering stress sensibility, threshold pressure gradient and high velocity non-Darcy effect, based on principle of flow through porous media, conformal transformation and equivalent filtrational resistance. Moreover, this paper develops methods to calculate pseudo pressure under low, high and intermediate pressures by defining pseudo pressure, taking into account of stress sensibility, and deduced absolute open flow rate equation. In addition, this paper has analyzed effects of correct coefficients for stress sensibility and threshold pressure gradient as well as different stress sensibility coefficient on absolute open flow rate. This paper has solved problem raised from negative slope while using conventional binomial equation cannot used to analysis the well deliverability.
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