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Injection patterns affect the scale fracturing and fracture morphology
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Key Words:Injection patterns; fracture morphology; horizontal wells; fracturing scale;
Abstract:Horizontal well fracturing technology in the development of a thin layer of low permeability reservoir development has achieved good results, net injection wells cause cracks in different shape and size of fractured horizontal wells are not the same, the initial and final mining capacity the degree varied. In order to achieve maximum economic efficiency and productivity of horizontal well fracturing developed numerical simulation method designed three straight flat commingled seven wells net to increase the degree of recovery, slowing see water as the goal, symmetrical triangles, quadrilaterals Note horizontal wells fracture morphology net wells were dumbbell-shaped, fusiform, football shape. In order to maximize economic benefits for the purpose of injection wells symmetrical network, the overall recovery of fracturing the highest degree; triangular and quadrilateral mesh injection wells, fracturing the best economic wells.
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