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Seismic Research on Buried Oil and Gas Pipeline Crossing Fault
Author of the article:Zhang Shaochun, Feng Xiaohong
Author's Workplace:Shandong Natural Gas Pipeline Co.Ltd.
Key Words:Crossing fault; buried oil and gas pipeline; fault movement; research progress; seismic measures
Abstract:The earthquake destroying of buried oil and gas pipeline often takes place at the point of active faults. So the response of the pipeline is necessary to analyze to avoide or reduced the damage. The development course and present situation of the analysis method of the response of buried oil and gas pipelines crossing fault at home and abroad are reviewed. The feature and achievement of the existing methods including analytical method, finite element numerical simulating technology and test research are summarized. The effective seismic measures applied to the buried pipeline crossing faults are put forward about in-service pipelines and the pipeline in construction. The things which need to be improved and the future work are also pointed out.
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