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The moisture content of a liquid oil ratio of research and application of prediction methods
Author of the article:Ye Feng
Author's Workplace:
Key Words:liquid oil ratio; Moisture content ; water drive curve ; extra-high water cut stage
Abstract:Waterflooding reservoir fluid volume of extra-high water cut stage to rise faster, larger traditional methods to predict the moisture content and actual bias. Research on oil, mining fluid index variation of different water reservoirs showed that: liquid oil ratio is sensitive to changes in factors affecting the moisture content, with the cumulative liquid production growth, rising water slowed. And flooding from C water characteristic curve basic principle, derived liquid oil ratio binomial relationship with the fluid production; combine with moisture content relationship between the amount of fluid produced is derived based on the moisture content of liquid oil ratio prediction model . Oil production by actual dynamic data authentication, the moisture content of the newly created predictive models to predict with high accuracy, with the popularization and application value.
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