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Key Words:shale gas; geological evaluation; experimental techniques; testing standards; pore structure
Abstract:The key control factors of shale gas geological evaluation include organic matter content, maturity, gas content, porosity, etc. These parameters can be obtained by the testing technology, while the conventional oil and gas test method is not completely suitable for shale gas. Based on literature research and testing experience, shale gas geological evaluation experiment technology are summarized, and classified as gas bearing property, geochemical, petrophysical, petrology and rock mechanics. The testing technology research progress and reference test standard are discussed. The data showed that the domestic shale gas testing technology is still in the stage of study. It is badly in need of establishing suitable experiment technology system of the shale gas for China's geological condition. Shale gas testing technology is about to the development of micro, from the nanoscale even atomistic level to study the shale pore structure and fluid occurrence state.
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