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Sulige gas field dew point control technology research and application
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Key Words:Sulige Gas Field, Low-temperature Separation,Gas Treatment Plant, Dew Point Control , Refrigerant
Abstract:Based on the characteristics of Sulige gas produced gas containing micro condensate temperament, combined with the product of natural gas and natural gas dew point control index requirements of the specific application process to determine the low temperature separation process. Use Unisim Design software detailed analysis of the methods and processes to determine the condensing temperature, discusses the refrigeration process and pre-cooling heat exchanger, choose low-temperature separator and other key equipment, the choice of propane refrigeration process with low-finned tube heat exchanger shell and tube heat exchanger recycling cold, cryogenic separator patented product selection shell SMSM-efficient separation of components. After six Sulige gas field gas processing plants design and operation, indicating a propane refrigeration cryogenic separation process plus the cold source is fully applicable to the Sulige gas field dew point control.
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