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Advancement Analyse on Operation and Management Standards of Australia Pipeline
Author of the article:
Author's Workplace:1、PetroChina Oil & Gas Pipeline Control Center 2、PetroChina Pipeline Company 3、Jinan Sub-Company of PetroChina Pipeline Company 4、PetroChina Pipeline R&D Center
Key Words:Australia Standard Commission Pipeline Management Pipeline Abandonment Safety
Abstract:Based on the necessity of rapid development of China multinational pipeline, the research on American and Russia pipeline standards were carried out recently. As a developed pipeline industries country in the world, the Australia pipeline standard were relatively ignored. The paper selected the Australia comprehensive pipeline operation and management standard—AS 2885.3-2012, and the advancement of AS 2885.3-2012 were expounded in detail form pipeline commission, and stations safety, and pipeline route management. Comparing to the 2001 edition, several provision were added to 2012 edition, such as confirmation and handover for pipeline commission conditions, and maintenance and pressure re-testing under pipeline commission delay, and work hazardous analyse method, and noise controlling, and monitoring for pipeline third party and pipeline route patrol, and review of pipeline life and abandonment management. The idea of AS 2885.3-2012 was innovative and operability. By means of learn AS 2885.3-2012, it is important to raise the of China pipeline operation and management level.
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