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Key Words:casing damage causes sand Guantao group of cementing operation steam huff and puff Countermeasures
Abstract: along with the development of the ceaseless development, eight oil field casing damage well increases continuously, a yearly increasing trend, become restrict oilfield stable and efficient development of adverse factors. From the present situation of reservoir geology and petroleum engineering are analysed, find sanding, Guantao group of special formation, cementing quality, well structure, frequent measure operation, steam huff and puff and the produced fluid medium on the casing corrosion influencing casing service life are important factors. According to these factors, according to the actual production technology condition, drilling, well completion, from the design, production and other aspects of technical measures to develop countermeasure. Application of this strategy, casing damage control since, the number of casing damage wells has been effectively controlled, already showed downtrend.
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