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Mechanism Analysis on the Creep Induced Casing Failure after High Pressure Waterflooding and Its Precautions
Author of the article:Hu Qiong1, Huang Xiangfeng2
Author's Workplace:(1. Petroleum Machinery Research Institute, Jianghan Oilfield, SINOPEC, Wuhan 430000; 2. Petroleum Engineering College of Yangtze University, Jingzhou 434023)
Key Words:mudstone creep; casing damage; cement mantle; circumferential load; prevention and cure
Abstract:After high pressure waterflooding in oilfield, absorbed mudstone begin to creep and make nonuniform ground stress act on cement mantle and casing. As a result, the cement mantle and casing string becomes deformed at radial direction. Through the establishment of the “casing-cement mantle-surround rock” creep mechanical model, the paper discussed the creep load distribution and variation of mudstone, radial and circumferential load distribution of cement mantle and casing external, and concluded that circumferential load is the main reason for casing damage, casing can change the stress boundary when it against the nonuniform load. There are two aspects for preventing casing damage in high pressure water injection well, one is keep water off the mudstone layer and the other is improve the casing strength. The conclusions are important for prevention and cure of casing damage and can assure the successful oil/gas field development.
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