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Proposal and evaluation of the effect of profile control
Author of the article:SONG Gang-xiang
Author's Workplace:.Petroleum Engineering College, Yangtze University
Key Words:Injection wells;profile control;injection profile;Lorenz curve;quantitative evaluation
Abstract: Profile control agent used to improve the injection profile for the oilfields with water-flooding development to ease interlayer and inherent contradiction of reservoir. At home and abroad the evaluation of the effectiveness of profile control is usually qualitative or only experience. With regards to this,the thesis which applies injection profile before and after profile control measures to analyze the effect of profile control,has quantitative study on the effect of profile control measures combination of formula and the Lorenz curve, defines uneven coefficient of the Lorenz curve before and after profile control, coefficient of variation of profile control wells,homogeneous coefficient of injection profile, onrush coefficient of absorption profile to quantitative characterization heterogeneous degree of profile control measures to improve the injection profile,which remedy the defect of the validity of qualitative judgments profile control. The method has been a good application effect by actual data analysis of oil field.
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