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The blocking causes and measures in the ground surface gathering and transmission system of Puguang Gas Field
Author of the article:Lei Jin-jing ,Hou Xin, Zhao Wen-xiang
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Key Words:high sour gas field gathering and transmission system plugging removal measures anti blocking agent electric heating device
Abstract:Blocking in the area, such as instruments, valves, manifold in the high sour gas field gathering system may cause problems such as measurement accurate and the production pressure differential of acid separator is too large, this will seriously affect the schedule of normal production. Through sample analysis to find out the reasons and influence factors of blocking,the causes and effect factors of blocking is diverse and complex, but the main reason which causes the blocking in the ground surface gathering and transmission system of Puguang Gas Field is precipitation of sulfur granules、external fluid reaction formation of salt scale and the formation of gas hydrate under certain temperature and pressure. To this end, It’s very important for different reasons adopt different preventive measures reasonably, such as inject Anti blocking agent、adduce electric heating device, replace the type of acid segregator mist eliminator, sand plugging timely.
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