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The augmented injection technology research and application on SW-I biological solutions plugging agent
Author of the article:CHENQITAO
Author's Workplace:
Key Words:SW-I biological solutions plugging agent FS suspended dispersant stripping degradation
Abstract:Abstract: According to the water injection development process of LuKeQin heavy oilfield,because existence Of clogging of cold damage of heavy oil lead to water injection pressure of water injection well has been for a long time ,and can't meet the requirements of geological injection allocation. To solve this problem, proposed to alleviate this problem by injecting a biological plugging agent. The reagent can be quickly stripped the solid particle surface hydrocarbon,degradable high molecular polymer as the low molecular polymer,and can damage polymer long-chain in the Mud cake of the Clinging borehole wall, thus the reagent can quickly dispersed sludge, remove mud filter , reduce the viscosity of heavy oil. Indoor evaluation tests and field trials of four wells shows that the technique can relieve heavy cold damage of near wellbore of injection wells of the block Lower injection pressure, improve injection efficiency of injection wells.
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