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Analysis of Oil and Gas Pipelines Stress Influencing Factors
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Key Words:gas pipeline; stress; pipe diameter; temperature; pressure; CAESAR II
Abstract:Long-distance gas pipelines pass through the complex and changeable terrain, hoop stress, temperature stress etc. will exceed the allowable stress easily due to the influence of dry weight, internal pressure and temperature, resulting in gas pipeline failure. Therefore, it is necessary to study the influence of the pipelines’ stress. In order to study the impact of temperature and pressure on different diameter pipe stress, we analyze the stress of pipelines by using stress analysis software CAESAR II, and discuss the influence may be caused to the pipelines’ average stress under different pressure and temperature. Studies have shown with the increase of the diameter of pipelines that the impact of temperature gets larger, while the pressure does the opposite. Our research provides a theoretical basis for the construction of pipelines and has very important research significance and engineering value.
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