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Evaluation of Water-Content Correlations for Natural Gas
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Key Words:natural gas; water content; water dew point; correlation; method; evaluation
Abstract:As water content is known as one of the significant physicochemical indexes of temperament parameter for pipelining natural gas, there is an immediate impact to the accuracy of process calculation in natural gas exploitation, gathering and transportation, processing experimental data from the accuracy of calculated value of water content. As for this reason, this paper first summarized and analyzed some principal water content correlations for natural gas both in and abroad, and then, based on the practical data in some published literatures, singled out some relative higher ones, such as Bahadori, Bukacek-Saul-Wagner and Ning Correlation, through an overall evaluation of error analysis on these correlations by using six statistical indexes and one relative performance coefficient. Lastly, this paper suggests adopting Bahadori to calculate the lower water content of natural gas of acid component under undefined gas composition.
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