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Long Gang Gas Field Living Quarter Architecture Design
Author of the article:chenyuhui
Author's Workplace:CPE-SW
Key Words:Longgang, Livingquarter,Design
Abstract: Living quarter in the operating area are the places for petroleum workers to live, learn and rest. As the petroleum industry develop massively in recent years, the design of Living quarter for petroluem works has become more technical-minded, standardized and humanized. By introducing the design of Longgang operating area apartments, the rapid growth and prosperity of petroleum industry are to be witnessed intuitively.Firstly, the overall geographical location, scale and functions of apartments in the operating area will be introduced; secondly, the graphic design (curved surface) and arrangement of rooms on each floor will be explained to see how the Architect thinks in design and solves the problems; and then it will be described how the Architect in rear design uses mansard windows to shield out strong sunlight while achieving visual effects from different angles. Finally, based on the characteristics such as energy-conserving, environment-friendly, and human-friendly of the apartments, the design effects that the Architect wishes to achieve will be further explored, with the goal to create comfortable and harmonized Key words: Longgang, Livingquarter,Design
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