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One kind of beam pumping unit rod shift and reset device
Author of the article:Bao Yinxiang
Author's Workplace:China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Shengli Oilfield Branch Gudao oil production plant;China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Shengli Oilfield Lu Ming oil and gas exploration and Development Company Limited
Key Words:Beam pumping unit;Connecting rod;Displacement ;Adjusting device.
Abstract:In order to reduce the beam pumping unit swing connecting time, reduce labor intensity and the potential safety hazard is eliminated, it is necessary to know the production site of connecting rod process, identify the swing connecting time consuming, labor intensity is large and the presence of hidden safety troubles. In the replacement of crank pin or double row bearing and adjusting production parameters need to swing pumping rod, usually taken after tying ropes human pull approach swing link, or take the car, the chain pull approach, not only risk but also by rain and snow weather, import and well road, the site environment and other objective factors, affects the oil production rate. According to the working principle of the screw, connecting rod shift reset device is developed, the device is mainly composed of a connecting rod clamp screw, nut, large, small, and rotating the handle screw base component, it has a swinging link speed, safety and high efficiency characteristics. In general, the connecting rod shift and reset device is the most safe and effective tool for the swinging connecting rod. Therefore, development of beam pumping unit rod shift and reset device is very important.
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