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Anti-Eccentric Wear Technology of Deviated Wells in Changqing Oilfield
Author of the article:Xi Yun-tao1, Li Man-ping, Hou Zheng-xiao,et al
Author's Workplace:1. Oil & Gas Technology Research Institute, Chang-qing Oilfield Company; 2. National Engineering Laboratory for Low-Permeability Oil & Gas Exploration and Development; 3. The fifth Oil Production Plant, Chang-qing Oilfield Company; 4 The Second Oil Production Technical Service Part, Chang-qing Oilfield Company
Key Words:Keywords: deviated well; eccentric wear; self-lubricating; coating; tubing
Abstract:Abstract: In recent years, with deviated wells and complex trajectory wells of the Changqing Oilfield are increasing, the eccentric wear problem of tubing and rod is becoming more seriously. This problem couldn’t be solved by conventional anti-wear measures and oil wells were repaired frequently. In order to solve these problems, the tubing with self-lubricating anti-wear and anti-corrosion coating was invented. The coating formulation, processing technology and characteristics of coating were repotted. The microstructure, the corrosion and wear resistances of the coating were analyzed. The results show that the microstructure of the coating is fine and tight, and the corrosion resistance is high. The coating can play dual role of friction-reducing and anti-wear. The average tubing life was increased by more than four times, and the exemption period of tubing can be prolonged obviously by self-lubricating coating tubing technology.
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