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Analysis and optimization of treatment process measure on BOG in LNG terminal
Author of the article:Chen Gongjian, Lu liang, Li Junzhong, Zhang Hao
Author's Workplace:CNOOC-FUJIAN LNG Co.,ltd,
Key Words:recondensor; BOG treatment ; LNG terminal ; safety management ; compressor
Abstract:The BOG treatment method of recondensation and compression processes all have some defect. The BOG processed by recondensation style must be vent or flame when terminal no exportation. The LNG cold energy cannot be receive by direct compression way when terminal in exportation period. In order to optimization of BOG treatment style, use of two different methods calculate the amount of BOG during LNG terminal exportation and on exportation. Based on BOG generation mechanism, the measure of reduce NG gas produce were analysis. The The findings suggest that comprehensive utilization of recondensation and direct compression way to reduce BOG produce realize BOG scientific management and LNG terminal optimistically running.
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