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The Derivation and Analysis of Productivity Formulas for Fractured Wells in Low Permeability Gas Reservoir
Author of the article:TAN Miao
Author's Workplace:Petroleum Engineering Institute of Yangtze University
Key Words:low permeability gas reservoir;start- up pressure gradient;slippage effect;fracturing;matrix permeability;gas well productivity;inflow performance;shale gas
Abstract:Due to the characteristics of Low porosity and Matrix permeability, low permeability gas reservoir can be more greatly affected by slippage effect and start- up pressure gradient. In order to accurately forecast the gas well productivity to direct the reasonable and efficient development of low permeability gas reservoir ,it becomes necessary to know how much the slippage effect and start- up pressure gradient are actually impact on the well production. Therefore,considering the characteristics of low permeability gas reservoir,based on non- Darcy seepage theory and conformal transformation principle,with the influence of the start- up pressure gradient and slippage effect taken into account,the computation formula for the productivity is deduced for the hydraulically fractured wells. After that the open-flow capacity curves in different start- up pressure gradient and slippage effect, and the effect of slippage factor on gas well productivity in different matrix permeability, are drawn and analyzed. Studies show that:With the increasing of the start-up pressure gradient,the fractured gas well production is slightly declining,but it is increasing with the increasing of slippage coefficient especially in low bottom-hole flowing pressure, and the effect of slippage factor on gas well productivity will become greater with the declining of the matrix permeability . This result explains that the slippage effect cannot be ignored in the low bottom-hole flowing pressure stage especially for the extra-low permeability gas reservoir.
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