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Measurement and Calculation Methods of Pipe Bending Angle for Large Diameter Long-distance Pipeline
Author of the article:YAN Xiao-han
Author's Workplace:No. 2 Oilfield Construction Co. of Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau, Panjin 124012, China
Key Words:long-distance pipeline;bending pipe measurement;the same slope method;the different slope method
Abstract:Measurement and calculation of pipe bending angles are often needed as long-distance oil and gas pipelines crossing through hill, gully or river, and their accuracies affect the quality of following working procedure. This article analyzes the importance of measuring pipe bending angles in the construction of longdistance pipeline, with an emphasis on two measurement and calculation methods of pipe bending angles, i.e.the same slope method and the different slope method. The practical application of the methods is explained through one example, and some problems for attention in practical measurement are stressed.
2012,3(3): 77-78 收稿日期:2011-3-12
作者简介:闫潇瀚(1974- ),男,辽宁盘锦人,工程师,1999年毕业于大庆石油学院建筑工程专业,现从事石油天然气地面建设工作.
[1] GB 50026-2007,工程测量规范[S].
[2] 韩国清.弯管角度测量器[J].石油工程建设,2006,32(4):77-78.
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