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Study on Effect Rule of the length of mixed gas segment for commissioning replacement of Long Distance Natural Gas Pipeline
Author of the article:wei duan
Author's Workplace:PetroChina West East Gas Pipeline Company
Key Words:diffusion theory; the length of the gas mixture; influencing law; experimental platform; displacement parameter.
Abstract:Firstly, based on the convection-diffusion model, which is founded according to the basic diffusion theory and the convection-diffusion equation, we derive the theoretic formula to calculate the length of the gas mixture. Secondly, using the FLUENT to simulate the process of Nitrogen replacement in the gas pipeline, we obtain the common law of the main influencing factors’ effect on the length of the gas mixture. Thirdly, according to the Turbulent diffusion theory, a experimental platform is constructed, which is used to investigate the diffusion process of the gas in the pipeline under different flow rate. Further, comparing the simulation with the experimental results, we get the variational law of the length in the gas pipeline, which can provide theoretical basis for reasonably ascertaining the displacement parameters of the nature gas pipeline’s replacement operation.
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