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1.Flow and Heat Transfer Simulation of a Counter-Flow Vortex Tube

Guo Yanlin1, Liang Fachun2, Cao Xuewen2, Chen Junwen1

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3.Application of Fugitive Emission Valve in Natural Gas Industry

Wang Changfeng1, Zhou Xuan1, Yuan Dong2, Wu Zhiqian1

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6.Study on the Method of Sulfur Recovery Oxygen Enriched Combustion and Raising the Temperature of Main Furnace

Zhou Mingyu1, Cao Wenhao1, Wang Xianglin2, Shen Ronghua2, Lan Lin1, Tang Guojun1, Min Gang1

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10.Optimization Design of Spiral Channel for Cuttings Bed Remover Tools

Li Fei1,2, Wei Lai3, Hao Yingzhuang1,2, Liu Yuming3, Hao Zhouzheng3, Lu Feifei1,2, Zou Shuqiang1,2

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12.Application of Phase Change Analysis in Reservoir During Gas Injection

Zhang Lianzhi, Wang Yanli, Yuan Binglong, Tan Shun, Sun Shengxing, Zhang Jiqiang

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14.New Recognition of Production Indicative Curves of Water Drive Gas Reservoir

Peng Xiaodong, Yang Chaoqiang, Wang Laichao, Lu Yan, Liu Xin

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15.Influence of Well Depth Error on Wellbore Trajectory Uncertainty and Correction Method

Guo Xiao 1,Li Siyang 1,Li Hongxing 2, Wang Xingang2, Bai Xuelong2

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17.Comprehensive Prevention Measures for Valve Chamber in HVDC Influence Area

Zhang Guohu1, Zhang Ping1, Tu Haibo1, Chen Xiaoli1, Cao Guofei2

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19.Smart Construction Framework and Method for Mountain Oil and Gas Pipeline

Zou Yongsheng, Liang Jun, Gao Jianzhang, Xiong Ming, Wu Zhifeng, Li Zhangqing, Wang Weiguo, Zhang Xinglong

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21.Discussion on the Possibility of Gas Explosion of Water Tank in Sour Gas Field

Gao Xiaogen1, Deng Xiang2, Zhou Chaoguang3, Zhang Pu1

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22. Application and Prospect of 3D Design Software in Buried Pipe Network Design

Cheng Lichun,Xiao Fang,Song Guanghong,Huo Jing

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