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2.Discussion on the Shutdown Characteristics of Vaporized Ethane Transportation Pipeline

Chen Junwen, Liu Xin, Tang Xiaoyong, Shen Guiyu, Guo Yanlin

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4.System Survivability Quantitative Analysis and Calculation in Jet Fire

Xiao Fang1, Yu Yang1, Dong Yong1, Wang Chuqi1, Chen Junwe1, Zhao Wei2

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6.Comparative Analysis of Water Treatment Technology of Gasfield on the Right Bank of Amu Darya River Block B

Li Shibing1, YangYing2, Liu Mingchu3, Wan Qunfeng4, Lu Chenggang3, Zhou Mingbing2

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7.Feasibility and Market Prospect Analysis of Light Hydrocarbon Recovery Project

Cong Yangang1, Cao Xuyuan2, Yang Fei2, Jin Honghong2, Wang Kechao2, Yan Minglong2

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11.A New Method to Estimate Bottom-Hole Flowing Pressure in Deep Zone Oil Wells Lifted by ESPs

Wang Faqing, Cao Jianhong, Yang Shuzhen, Peng Yonghong, Ren Lihua

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12.Performance Evaluation and Application of Complex Acid System

Chen Kai,Chen Jun,Wang Gui,Zhang Qiang,Pan Dingcheng,Yang Guowei

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16.Analysis of Components and Corrosivity of Aqueous Extract from Thermal Insulation Materials

Jiang Linlin1,2 Zhang Yanjun1,2 Zhang Honglei1,2 Zhou Bing1,2 Han Wenli1,2

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17.Study on Direct Current Interference Protection Technology of Urban Track to Oil and Gas Pipeline

Zhang Shengli1, Ya Yameng1, Tang Qiang1, Zhang Guohu1, Lu Jianfeng2, Xu Jie3

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18.HSE Audit Weight Assignment Method for Oil Industry Based on G1 Method and Entropy Weight Method

Li Haoyang1, Luan Guohua2, Song Yunjuan3, Chu Shengli2, Qin Meng1

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20.Analysis of Application Prospect of FGS System in Salt Chemical Plant

Huang Zhongwei1, Yang Xuan2, Li Jie2, Liu Bin2, Zheng Chunhong2, Wang Qiongxia2, Xu Hejun2

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