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2.Application of Direct Pipe Laying in Large Diameter Sandy Stratum

Liu Xuemei, Tan Mingxing, Li Qiyu, Xiang Yuqi

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4.Research and Application of Swivel Seal Replacement without FPSO Heading Restriction

Hu Shuang1, Liu Zhen1, Lü Shiji1, Zhang Sheng2, Tang Kung1

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9.Discussion on Safety Distance for LNG Project

Yang Xiaoming1, Liu Shunjian2, Yang Yanlu3, Liao Yong2

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12.Centrality Analysis of FRP Pipes Cementing in Coalbed Methane Horizontal Well

Feng Lei1, Liu Lizhuan1, Feng Fuping2, Hu Chaoyang2, Huang Rui2, Cong Ziyuan2

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13.Sand-Gathering and Reservoir-Controlling Mechanisms of Ek2 Slope in Cangdong Sag

Shi Xiaosong,Lin Ling,Li Hongxiang,Liu Zicang,Jing Haiquan

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15.Study on Chemical Cleaning of Oil-Based Cuttings with High Oil Content

Bai He1, Weng Liangyu2, Zhao Guangyu1, Xiao Chenglei1, Zhang Weihui2

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16.Analysis on Failure of Metallurgical Composite Tee

Shan Hua1, Jiang Fang2, Fang Wei1, Wang Shenglei1, Liu Junchen1

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17.Practice and Cognition of Improving Regional Cathodic Protection Effect in Oil & Gas Station

Chen Bo1,Li Guo2,Lin Tao1,Ji Xiang1,Yang Jiaqiang1,Tan Xinping1

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19.The Research on Water Quality Standard for Mixed Treatment of Different Wastewater

Yan Yu, Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Shaopeng, Gu Liman, Chen Hongbing, Bao Jing, Fang Wen

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20. Hydraulic Calculation Method of Annular Sewage Pipe Network in Oilfield

Wang Li1, Le Xinpeng2, Zhang Yu1, Li Xingyu1, Zou Jiyang1, Cheng Yi1

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21.Digital Collaborative Design Supports the Construction of Intelligent Oil & Gasfields

Yan Wan1, Ren Ling1, Song Guanghong1, Chen Liang2, Cheng Yan3

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