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2.Analysis on Advantages of Large Gas Field Surface Engineering Modular Construction Mode

Chen Chaoming, Chen Weicai, Li Anshan, Tang Xiaoyong, Chen Zuhan

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5.New Flare Ignition System for High/Low Pressure Venting

Ren Song, Wang Haibo, Li Yinjian, Chen Yumei, Qin Xingshu

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6.Analysis on Oil Field Water Gathering Radius Based on Beggs & Brill Model

Luo Shan, Jiang Hongye, Yao Anlin, Jiang Wen, Zeng Yuehui

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7.Numerical Simulation on Influence of Forest Fires on Buried Gas Pipeline

Pei Bin, Deng Fenglin, Chen Peng, Yang Yunfeng, Yang Si

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10.Simulation Analysis on DRIZO Dehydration Process

He San, Liu Yang, Fan Linhua, Wang Yong, Zhang Qinqin

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13.Analysis on Offshore Oilfield Gas Flooding Development Potential in China

Li Baozhen, Zhang Jian, Li Xiangfang, Kang Xiaodong, Zhang Xiansong

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18.Research on Gas Permeation of Thermoplastics Used in Oil and Gas Pipelines

Li Houbu, Zhang Xuemin, Mao Xueqiang, Qi Dongtao, Li Zhenlu, Wang Mingchong

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