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1.Study on Oil and Gas Pipeline Standards of American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Wang Chunhai, Han Xiaoling, Hao Yuelin, Wu Junfeng, Wu Bin

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6.Application of HYSYS Simulation in Liquefied Petroleum Gas Production Increase

Shan Hua, Zhang Penggang, Chen Ping, Zhang Xiaodong, Kang Ju

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9.Technology for Natural Gas Loss Control

Gong Maodi, Li Junqiang, Li Yangyang, Liang Guangqiang, Li Yanqin, Bi Xiumei

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10.Influence of Fracturing Parameters on Typical Shale Gas Well Production Decline Curve

Bai Yuhu, Yang Hao, Chen Guihua, Feng Ruyong, Xu Bingxiang

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15.Research of Unthickened Polysaccharides Drilling Fluid System

Zhang Jie, Zhang Li, Chen Gang, Yang Naiwang, Guo Gang, Cheng Sheng

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21.Development of Multifunction Electric Three-way Valve

Qi Yuanyuan, Guo Yahong, Wang Xiaodong, Jia Haihai

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